Our Services

Here at Smart Media Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to find a solution for our clients' technology needs. If you have any needs not covered by this list, please contact us and we'll be sure to find a solution for you.


Desktop Troubleshooting & Repair

Computer won't start up? Can't perform certain tasks or connect to the internet? Maybe it's loaded down with spyware and you're not getting much accomplished with it. Give us a call, and we'll have a tech get your computer problems under control.

Computer Upgrades/New System Builds

If you need to speed your current computer up or you just need to get a new one built, we can help you.

Information Security Consulting & Penetration Testing

These days, a physical security system isn't the only thing you need to protect your business. Our highly-skilled security professionals can assess your current security and help you build the neccessary defenses to keep your data safe and sound.

Custom Software Development

Do you need to have some software tailor-made to your business's needs? We have developers who can work with you to build the software just the way you want it.

Web and Document Design

Looking to build your public presence on the web and in print? Our design staff can build you the site that can bring in potential customers.


If you're building a new business or just wanting to get all of your computers working together and on the Internet, you need to have a properly-built network. From wiring to networking hardware configuration, our networking staff can get you online. Also, we can help roll out wireless networks so that your customers and staff can connect their wireless laptops and devices to the Internet!