Here, we will be gathering a handful of recommended software to help you maintain your computer systems for the DIY-ers out there. We will always try to have a free or very affordable solution available for all of the covered areas. Check back here soon, as this page is being built. In the mean time, we will offer up just a few links to get you started.



AVG Antivirus - This antivirus program is free to home users and will keep you safe from many of the nasty viruses floating around on the Internet. AVG is a full-featured AV with excellent detection and email protection. It is recommended, however, to disable the link scanner at installation.

avast! - Also free to home users, this antivirus solution is quick to install and easy on the system resources. Excellent for older systems or when you need to keep the most system resources available.



Lavasoft Ad-Aware - Lavasoft offers up a free version of its spyware removal and monitoring package. If you're getting a large number of popup ads or are looking to help protect your privacy, this is a great product to try.

Spybot Search&Destroy - Another spyware removal and protection program offered for free for home use. This is an excellent program that is often useful on computers hardest hit with spyware infections.


Web Filtering

K9 Web Protection - This free software is designed to keep
your family from accessing objectionable materials online. With customizable categories of content protection and activity logging, this is a good option for those wishing to make their loved ones' online experience a safe one.



If you are looking for any other tools to help you manage and protect your computer, please contact us and let us know! We'll be happy to research any questions brought to us in order to make this page a more complete resource.